Izzi Ramkissoon Interactive Electro Acoustic Multimedia Composition and Sound Design


The Electric Eel Multimedia Ensemble (EEME)

Description -  The EEME Workshop is comprised of a flexible group of musicians including strings, woodwinds, percussion, electronics, and visual artist dedicated to using experimental and extended techniques to perform the multi-media, electro-acoustic, improvisatory works of bandleader and artistic director Izzi Ramkissoon.  Through innovative practices, inter-disciplinary collaborations and performances in non-traditional venues Izzi and his EEME brings new experimental music to new audiences.  Izzi Ramkissoon and his EEME performs the electro-acoustic multimedia works of Izzi Ramkissoon, with featured guest composers and performers.

"I really like how you are organizing, getting out there, and putting new music in peoples' faces in such an energetic way! " Eric Lyon PhD Composition Faculty SARC, Belfast

Izzi Ramkissoon and his Electric Eel Multimedia Ensemble (EEME)

Turntable - Marcel Blum 

Flute - Sarah Carrier

Flute - Maria Johnson

Viola- Pedro Vizzarro Vallejos 

Cello - Ian Flatt

Electric Cello - Eric Cooper

Upright Bass - Sean Ormiston

Trombone - David Whitwell

Electric Guitar - Amar Lal 

Percussion - Corey Bracken

Percussion - Sean Statser 

Drums - Jerrold Kavanagh

Video - Alain Alfaro

Video Sampling - Mike Shane

Artistic Director - Izzi Ramkissoon  

Past special guest

Spoken word- Craig "muMs" Grant

Composer- Eric Lyon

Cracked Codez (CC)

Description - Cracked Codez is a multimedia electro acoustic music experiment led by bassist, composer and bandleader Izzi Ramkissoon. The ensemble fuses media, technology, IDM, hardcore, classical, musique concrete and various other resources to perform interactive, improvisatory, and experimental works. The group incorporates innovative and inter-disciplinary collaborations to their performances while creating pieces in non-traditional spaces.

"Psychoacoustics, aliasing, PLL, GPS, convolution, glitch, high voltage, stochastic music, engines, dice games, matrix, XYZ, sonar, internet, distribution, iPOD, markov, uniformity, kmaps, understanding, relations and chaos."  ---- Code 1  

Izzi Ramkissoon and Cracked Codez (CC)

Prepare bass, electric bass, laptop and video processing- Izzi Ramkissoon

Full Kit and percussion - Jerrold Kavanagh

Video - Alain Alfaro

Video Sampling - Mike Shane

The Diffusion Composers Collective (DCC)

Description- The Diffusion Composers Collective (DCC) is an international group of composers based in NYC.  Dedicated to performing and creating contemporary music, the DCC brings energy and passion in the programming and presentation of new original works.  The collective creates an environment for cross disciplinary collaborations incorporating visual art, literature, dance and multimedia.  United by individuality and expression the DCC encourages diverse programming in addition to performing in non-traditional spaces.  The collective works closely with a large roster of professional performance musicians creating pieces at the highest quality. The DCC presents works by founders Enrico Arcaro, Andy Struck-Marcel, Guy Barash, and Izzi Ramkissoon, in addition to guest composers.

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